LCpl. Benjamin W. Schmidt Professor of War, Conflict, and Society
in Twentieth-Century America
Texas Christian University
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Hi!  Since 2015, I have been honored to be the Lance Corporal Benjamin W. Schmidt Professor of War, Conflict, and Society at Texas Christian University.  
I research and write about the ways twentieth-century wars have shaped, and been shaped by, American society and culture.  I am especially interested in women's military and wartime experiences and in the ways the U.S. military deals with gender. 

My current book project is titled "Drafting Women."

At TCU, I teach courses on war and society, gender and the U.S. military, war and memory, and modern U.S. history.  Each year, I also host the LCpl. Benjamin W. Schmidt Symposium on War, Conflict, and Society

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My Classes
Rosie the Riveter

War and Gender in American History

How has gender shaped Americans’ understandings and experiences of war?  And, how have wars framed social constructions of gender?


War and Memory in American Culture

How do Americans remember wars?  And what do they forget?

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The United States in the World Wars

(graduate seminar)

How did the World Wars affect Americans, at home and abroad?

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